This is the season of endings and beginnings as summer winds down and we begin
to anticipate the arrival of fall. We hope you are enjoying the restful vibes
of the late-summer landscape as we head into the long, long wait for winter

~Saxon Holt and Nora Harlow

Ornamental Alliums

Allium christophii (Star of Persia) ornamental onion seedhead

Alliums are a strong presence in the summer-dry garden with their eye-
catching blooms and architectural forms. Learn more about how to grow these
beauties, along with suggestions for some of our favorite cultivars, in our
newest blog post “Ornamental Alliums!”

 California Buckeye

Dormant by summer, California buckeye ( Aesculus californica) is well
adapted to a summer-dry climate, and its four-season interest makes it a well-
loved and valued tree:

Winter: Gnarled, silvery branches are dramatic in winter light.
Spring: New foliage emerges long before other trees begin leafing out, in
delightful shades of yellow-green, then transitioning into bloom as summer
Summer: Foliage turns soft yellow and tan after the trees finish their
flowering, signaling summer dormancy.
Autumn: The tree forms “fruits” that look like large leathery pears before
the husks break open with glossy seeds.

 September Summer-Dry Gardening Tip: Order Spring-Blooming Bulbs Now!

Plan ahead for your spring garden, as spring-flowering bulbs are available now
for October/November planting. And although it’s still summer, if you don’t
get your bulb order in soon, most bulbs may be out of stock! Some great
flowering bulb choices for summer-dry climates include:

Get Ready for Fall Planting!


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In the midst of tumultuous climate change, we realize it’s all the more important that gardeners be stewards of the land, attuned to the local environment on behalf of all creatures. Every small act we do adds resiliency.