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Periodic updates about the Summer-Dry Project as we add more photos and plant descriptions

9 09, 2021

Summer Dry September 2021 Newsletter

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Greetings! This is the season of endings and beginnings as summer winds down and we begin to anticipate the arrival of fall. We hope you are enjoying the restful vibes of the late-summer landscape as we head into the long, long wait for winter rains. ~Saxon Holt and Nora Harlow Ornamental Alliums Allium christophii (Star of Persia) ornamental onion seedhead Alliums are a strong presence in the summer-dry garden with their eye- catching blooms and architectural forms. Learn more about how to grow these beauties, along with suggestions for some of our favorite cultivars, in our newest blog

5 08, 2021

Summer Dry August 2021 Newsletter

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Summer Dry August 2021 Newsletter Greetings! On hot August afternoons we may abandon our tools early and head for the hammock with a glass of iced tea. Fortunately, except for deep watering, which even mature trees may need following a record-dry winter, most gardening chores are best postponed until cooler weather and shorter days. Now is the perfect time to relax in the shade with a view of the garden and refine our plans for fall._ _~Saxon Holt and Nora Harlow _ Blog Post: Teucrium | If you’re looking for a deer-resistant plant that checks all the boxes, you may

19 07, 2021

July News from Summer-Dry

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Greetings! High summer is upon us, a month or so early this year it seems, with springtime bloomers already gone and summer flowers at their glorious best. Sit back and enjoy it. Lazy summer days are the well-deserved fruits of our hard work!  * *~Saxon Holt and Nora Harlow  * Blog Post: Lion's Tail The nectar-rich, bright orange, tubular flowers of lion's tail seem specifically designed for hummingbirds and their aromatic leaves are repellent to deer. Blooming from late spring through fall, this South African native blends perfectly with many shrubs and perennials native to summer-dry climates. Read the full

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